DENISE can help YOU:

  • Develop non-financial measurements that positively impact customer satisfaction, employee engagement and revenue. 

  • Teach senior and aspiring executives to be more effective, motivating, accountable and communicating leaders.

  • Eliminate poor, defensive or nonexistent communication amongst leaders, within teams or from ineffective top down thinking that reduces the cost of inaction, wasted time in ‘CYA’ or defensive activities, and the loss of focus on the actual business goals. 

  • Create capable leaders and well-oiled teams, that know how to manage differently in times of great change, able to move faster with a higher degree of trust and accomplish more with higher engagement and more informed implementation. 

  • Reduce the time spent in churning conflict, passive aggressive behaviors, territorial issues, etc. anticipating such conflict in uncertain times and successfully address it proactively. 

  • Learn more about Denise Cooper presents Remarkable Leadership Lessons, a training and speaker series. Start with a complimentary introductory call.

  • Design a development plan sounds easy. But building repeatable process allows for planned, reflective and learning experiences that focus on key skill building while minimizing the risk of bad decisions, demotivating a complicated. That’s because people don’t think about all the facets that support personal and professional development on the job.


Denise Cooper with her MBA, senior HR experience, and a certificate in a new human behavior technology called Conversational Intelligence® presents Remarkable Leadership Lessons Inc., a training and speaking series for high impact professionals and businesses. 


Clients benefit from having a senior executive working on their side and in their corner. Denise works with individuals, union organizations, government agencies, and corporations transition to a higher level of performance. C-suite executives, department heads, and human resource executives develop practical and tactical leadership skills that unblock barriers to quantifiable performance. 

"I help leaders shape organizations with their greatest assets – their people."

Through Remarkable Leadership Lessons (as featured HERE), Denise helps executives assess or diagnose leadership abilities, in particular, why a talented manager is not performing as well as expected.  She helps create high performing inclusive workplaces, identifies the key differentiating behaviors that matter, and creates quantifiable measurement criteria.  

Also through one-on-one coaching, structured leadership training coursework, team or group workshops, or tailor-made curricula, Denise also helps change agents manage through transitions, culture and mergers, elevating employment performance and maximizing value.  

Denise Cooper has been serving clients as an executive trainer and speaker for over a decade, and is based in Charlotte, North Carolina. She speaks regularly on executive leadership: what it takes to lead by example, to be remarkable. 


Learn more about Denise Cooper presents Remarkable Leadership Lessons. Simply, click HERE.


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