You know what it looks like when it’s working. Are you in the mix before decisions are made or called in afterwards? Are you and your HR staff considered the executive team’s confidants? Does your executive like you but not your HR Department? 

If you said no to any of these questions, then you’re not at the decision making table.

Check your Human Resources Strategy. Is it connected to the business strategy or understood by employees? Can business leaders translate business objectives into specific, measurable and monitored actions?

High performing employee populations understand what and how their performance is measured. They know the difference between trying new things and failing and being incompetent. And HR should be at the forefront managing the tension between change and accountability. 


Contact me and let’s talk about how the Human Resources Plan is driving implementation at your company.

Human Resource Executives

Talented people drive business. Not the other way around. People shape the business, determine the customer experience and ultimately profitability and competitiveness. 


Historically, human resources has been about keeping the company out of legal trouble. Efficiently conducting talent acquisition and management. And that was it. Whether it was hiring, employee relations, benefits, training, or compensation, human resources took orders from others in a company and focused on execution.


But times change. And human resource professionals need a different mindset. One that takes into account the bigger impact you can have on business. Whit the trifecta of successful business – superior products, processes and people – human resources navigates the most challenging of these variables: people. 


Today, HR has the opportunity to take center stage navigating the people side of implementing the strategy. To create the structure and design the experiences that differentiate a brand. All with the purpose of inspiring people to take action.


Denise Cooper works alongside human resource leaders to create strategies, develop talent and innovate legacy approaches that work within new ways of doing business.

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