"DENISE COOPER, truly, an agent of change and a rare find!" -Diane Gerard, VP, Total Rewards Mallinckrodt-


Your role as a C-Suite Executive is to determine the vision, delegate objectives, oversee follow up and ensure follow through.


Your primary focus is on monitoring implementation and adjusting plans to stay ahead of market forces. But, you’re mired in long meetings with few decisions being made.

Instead, you are handling details that your direct reports should be handling while also managing public perception about how well business is going. 


The skillset required to guide employees through lingering, continuous change is not obvious but teachable. However, words don’t teach. Only deliberate and focused practice in monitoring, measuring and evaluating will create significant behavioral changes that impact profitability. 


Want to learn what causes people problems without firing the whole team? And what’s getting in the way of solid results? 

Consider a strategic business partner, one who understands the financial, cultural, and practical impact of Human Resources, and who can teach you how to do the same.

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