The world says you’re brilliant. You were hired because you have a track record of success yet getting others to make the changes necessary is a struggle and now you are questioning whether your work, your ideas, you are valued. 


People say they want change but the reality is they resist the change. Navigating the politics, criticism and naysayers is tough and draining. 


Masters change agents have a skill and process of holding others responsible for their action. They have a way of working through conflict empowering others to meet and sometimes surpass expectations without destroying relationships. 


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Change is ever present and the evolving nature of the business landscape is faster than ever before. That means systems, processes, and capabilities need to change simultaneously. The role of a change agent – be it project manager or middle manager – is to translate the strategy from a great idea into how people must work, how systems must operate and define what vendors, contractors and customers will receive. 


What starts as a pilot project or request for upgrade has to be prioritized, vetted, tested and it impact measured. Then the knowledge and skills needed to sustain the new ways of doing business have to be transferred to those who will maintain the processes. 


Navigating the landmines associated with changing the status quo requires skills beyond technical expertise. Success means working with people who have a vested interest that may not be aligned with new way of business. It may mean working with leadership teams having trouble working well together or a department of talented people not performing up to expectations. 


Sometimes success means upping your leadership game or facing the possibility that you’ve hit the ceiling of your current skill set. Sometimes it means facing burn out and it’s time to stretch and do something different, more in your career. 


Having to face the fact there’s no blueprint, no class, no training program can feel like being hit in the gut. The fact is leading change is a in the trenches, roll up your sleeves, up your ability to inspire others to change their behavior game and it’s not easy. 

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DENISE COOPER is skilled at building a client partnership within a comfortable scenario to discuss weaknesses and blind spots. She asks the right questions to gain insights to helping you develop the right solutions to issues faced. -- General Manager, Retail

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